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PENNSYLVANIA RAMP Server/Seller Training


Register to build a new, permanent account with paalcoholservers. If you have already successfully registered, a second registration is not required. Use the Login to an existing account. The name of the Logged-in User will appear on the homepage, right center. If you do not see your name listed, the system does not think you are logged in.

PENNSYLVANIA Regulations Summary
eAlcoholServers training IS approved in PENNSYLVANIA as official Alcohol Service training..

Account Registration
Food Safety knowledge:
(Required by Liquor Commission)
Please be advised, if you are currently employed at a PA liquor licensed establishment, you will need to enter the license identification number (LID), during registration. The LID number can be found on the establishment's liquor license. By providing this important number, your establishment will receive credit for your participation!

RAMP Secret Questions:
As part of RAMP requirements, all training providers are required to ask you 5 different secret questions. We will ask you these questions later in the program. You will be required to answer 70% accurately.

What is your mother's middle name?
What was the first name of your favorite Grandparent?
What city were you born in?
Who is your favorite musician?
What is the name of your high school?